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Don Jeffcoat portrays the tender and charming Joey Buchanan on ABC's One Life to Live. Don started on OLTL in October of 1997 and has won the hearts of many fans!

Performing professionally since the young age of 10, he's definitely no stranger to show business. During his childhood, he moved quite a bit - Mississippi to Alabama to Oklahoma, before his family settled in Irvine California. At age 11, Don appeared in his first film "Ghoulies II", and he later hosted the Nickleodeon children's game show "Wild and Crazy Kids" for several years.

His other television credits include a recurring role on "7th Heaven" as Michael Towner, and he's guested on many series such as "Malibu Shores", "Party of Five", "Touched by an Angel", "Dr. Quin, Medicine Woman", and "Sliders". "Baggage" is an independent film he recently finished filming.

When Don has some spare time, he enjoys snowboarding, cooking, dancing and water-skiing. He's also a third-degree brown belt in the Martial Arts, something he's studied since he was a child.

Don lived in Los Angeles before relocating to New York.


Birthplace: Gulfport, MS

Birthdate: February 16

Height: 5' 10"

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel