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... ... Here is the second round of questions that Don answered. The following questions were chosen by myself since Don was in a hurry :) If your question was not answered this time around, we'll be answering more in the future!

Question: What would be your *ideal* storyline as Joey?

Don: At this moment, *any* storyine that doesn't include tap dancing, playing a toy guitar, dancing w/ the broom and saying I'm sorry.

Question : Are you single? What kind of girl are you looking for? What's a major turn on-turn off for you?

Don: I'm dating someone and she's one of my best friends. Turn on - just being a friend (dealing with sex is another issue LOL)

Question: Don: I've read that you and Tim Gibbs are pretty close. Does this make it easier or harder to work together? I would imagine it is a little bit of both! :)

Don: It makes it much easier when you know someone When a person is a giving actor you end up with someone who becomes a friend. Like Sonia Satra, she's a wonderful person and I've enjoyed working with her. Tim and I laugh alot and we screw around alot and we're very comfortable. We know when to laugh and know when to work.

Question : If you could be another OLTL character, who would you chose?

Don: Todd - because I would be a working character

Question : Do you answer all your fan mail personally?

Don: I don't usually answer the questions, it would take me far too long. It takes me a very, very long time just to send out the personalized pics for the fans w/ info for the web site.

Question: What is your biggest regret?

Don: Not going with my friends on a backpacking trip to Europe after high school graduation. .. ..

That's all for this week everyone. Don will be answering more questions as soon as he can!

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